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Wright Issues a Statement on the Death of George Floyd and the Protests Across our Nation

June 2, 2020
Press Release

Arlington, T.X. – Today, Congressman Ron Wright (TX-06) issued the following statement:

“I'm abhorred by the murder of George Floyd. Police brutality and racism must be eradicated from our country. George Floyd and his family deserve justice, and the perpetrators must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

To many in our country, American justice is not just. I know many are suffering now. You're not alone. I and many others in our communities share your frustration. Let's work together, turning our anger into constructive and lawful activities; rooting out the bad apples among the ranks of our honorable police force and instilling mutual respect into our country's policing culture. I hear the cry for justice and invite people of all communities to heed your voices, the voices of Americans who may have been forgotten.

We are a nation of laws, and justice can't be achieved by unjust actions. Racism must not be tolerated. Neither must looting, vandalism, arson, and destruction of property. When small business owners are attacked, storefronts looted and robbed, and churches burned, we must take action. I encourage all Americans to come together and unite behind our law enforcement officers and peaceful protesters to restore law and order to our cities and towns.

Let us unite for peace and justice. Justice for one is justice for all.”